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自动USB备份工具(Automatic USB Backup)V4.0.18 升级版

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  • 自动USB备份工具(Automatic USB Backup)V4.0.18 升级版



     With Internet threats on the rise and finding better methods to infiltrate your system, there's a high chance your computer fails to start one day. This is why it's a good idea to create a backup of important files you use on a daily basis. Luckily, specialized applications such as Automatic USB Backup come with the necessary means to ensure your files are safely stored on your personal USB Flash drive, with this one also featuring a portable version. 优盘之家

    Suitable for beginners and experts alike
    Although it doesn't bring anything new to the market of file backup, the application's implementation of the core function is pretty neat. It aims to give you the possibility to have a decent amount of operations automatically performed as soon as you connect a removable storage device.
    Each time you connect a new memory unit to your USB drive, the application takes you through a wizard-driven process where you get to set up all necessary details. This makes the application usable by anyone, regardless of experience, especially because of all the helpful documentation and possible warnings included in each step.
    Multiple types of backup and synchronization
    Depending on your needs, the application gives you the possibility to have local files backed up on a removable storage device, transfer from a USB to your computer, synchronize both devices, completely restore target files on your system, or even the possibility to choose each time.
    A wizard helps you set up necessary details
    You can pick any type of file as long as there's enough disk space on the target device. Further going along with the wizard asks you whether or not you want to add an extra layer of security by encrypting your files with a password of your choice.
    In case you need to process large files, the application can shut down the computer for you. Moreover, there's an integrated “Real-time Mode” which keeps the synchronization process active until you close it, and any file that goes in the targeted area is backed up.
    Just plug in your USB drive
    You don't have to dedicate a whole USB Flash drive for this task, with no formatting or further processing required. This means you can keep other files as well, with the application letting you disable any autorun process that might trigger once you connect the drive.
    As promised, the application automatically starts the process once you connect your Flash drive, flawlessly applying the set of attributes you configured. What's more, you can review each step in case you want to make further adjustments or add more files and folders to the process.
    To sum it up
    On an ending note, Automatic USB Backup manages to live up to expectations through a clever design and implementation of features. The first-run wizard makes sure you get all details right, with options to make more adjustments when you need to. The process is simple and efficient, choose files, plug in your USB drive and let the application work its magic.

    自动USB备份工具(Automatic US:http://www.upan.cc/tools/others/3365.html


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